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Turbochargers provide proven increased power and efficiency to a large range of automotive, marine, and power applications. The sector is a mature and highly demanding market. Progressive legislation driving reduction of allowable emmissions. Tightening materials restrictions. The need for lower noise, vibration, and unit size and weight. The Customer demand for increased warranty periods, and reduced failure rates. And of course the increasing power requirements from the turbocharger.

Nicholsons provide turbocharger sealing solutions for a worldwide OEM base, primarily at the high horse power end of the market. We can provide a one stop shop for all of the turbochargers sealing requirements, along with complementary components.


•  Bore Assembly Containment
•  Circumferential Load Generation & Sealing
•  Noise Reduction
•  Heat Effects Reduction
•  Emissions Reduction & Product Life Extension
•  Exhaust & Inlet Sealing

   Products Typically Provided
• Retaining Rings
• Spring Seals
• Noise Baffles
• Heat Shields
• Corruseal
• Sigma Seal
• Special Products
• Machined Products
• Make to Print

Professional Services Provided
• Design Engineering
• Production Engineering