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Power Generation

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The global power generation market has seen considerable change in recent years. Escalating fuel prices, driving economic performance. Escalating emmissions regulations driving environmental performance. Decentralisation of energy networks, enabled by both small gas-fired generators and renewable generation.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGT) continues to be the dominant new build technology. Proven operation, high thermal efficiency, improved carbon efficiency and emissions performance are contributing to smaller, more flexible plant. Simple cycle gas turbine power plants are available as components and are relatively simple to install. Nicholsons provide sealing solutions throughout the gas turbine set to a worldwide OEM base.

Third generation nuclear reactor technology is experiencing a revival, with Pressurised Water Reactors (PWRs) currently the most commonly installed design. Nicholsons provide sealing solutions both within the Nuclear plant, and also in the fuel processing sector.

Fuel Cells react Hydrogen with Oxygen to produce electric current directly. Suitable currently for small scale power generation, this is a rapidly developing area in Automotive, Aerospace and portable Power sectors. Nicholsons provide sealing solutions within the fuel cell.

Select the following systems to see how we seal Aero Engines. Derivatives are used in Gas Turbine power plants, with most systems being similar:
  •  Probes & Sensors
  •  Oil System
  •  Bearing Housings
  •  Gearbox & Accessory Systems
  •  Fuel System
  •  Internal Engine Sealing
  •  Air System
  •  Engine Casing
•  Gas & Steam Turbine Seals
•  Oil, Fuel & Air Systems
•  Nuclear Core Brush Seals
•  Nuclear Core Fuel Rod Seals

   Professional Services Provided
• Design Engineering
• Production Engineering