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Diesel technology advances have led to major noise reduction and performance improvements. The diesel engine remains the most fuel efficient of all internal combustion engines. In heavy, high-horsepower applications, the greater torque produced has led to widespread use in agricultural, construction, industrial, marine and power generation equipment.

Large diesel sets are used in the power generation sector as portable, standby units. On board marine generating sets and auxiliary applications offer prime continuous or stand by power. Dumper trucks, tractors and lorries use diesel as the power plant of choice.

Nicholsons provide sealing solutions to a worldwide OEM base for the full range of medium and high horsepower diesel applications. Where hot air, oil and combustion products require containment, throughout the inlet, exhaust and combustion system, Nicholsons can provide a cost-effective and high-performance sealing solution.

•  Inlet & Exhaust System Seals
•  Combustion Chamber Seals


Products Typically Provided

• Bore Seal
• Exhaust Manifold
• Flame Ring
• Heat Shield
• Machined Seal
• C-Seal
• Corruseal
• Reflexseal
• Sigma Seal
• Make to Print

Professional Services Provided
• Design Engineering
• Production Engineering
• Press Tool Design & Manufacture