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Aerospace - Platforms

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Aerospace has experienced unprecedented recovery and growth since 2001. The advent of low cost airlines, coupled with a surge in long haul flights, numbers of airports, and the continuing development of military programs has made for a very buoyant sector.

Aerospace engine manufacturers have aggressively driven through technology improvements on new programs in shorter time scales, demanding increased technology support from their Suppliers. By focusing on design, procurement, assembly and test rather than component manufacture, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) have also pushed greater sourcing responsibility on to the supply chain. Critical raw materials have been in short supply, which has driven costs upwards, whilst aero Customers continue to push for significant cost-downs.

The outcome is a consolidating supply chain which must be more flexible in it's response, more agile in it's outlook, and more agressive in it's drive towards improvements, efficiency and technology adoption. Nicholsons have continued to meet and exceed this challenge. providing engine and airframe sealing solutions for a worldwide OEM base.

Select the following systems to see how we seal Aero Engines:
  •  Probes & Sensors
  •  Oil System
  •  Bearing Housings
  •  Gearbox & Accessory Systems
  •  Fuel System
  •  Internal Engine Sealing
  •  Reheat System
  •  Air System
  •  Engine Casing

Our Aerospace expertise is based on over 50 years of design experience in both hot and cold end operational environments, using the latest analysis tools and technologies. AS9100 and Nadcap Special Process accreditations underpin our ISO committment to the highest levels of quality. Increased manufacturing and production capabilities reduce schedule-adherence risks, lead-time and costs. Effective low-cost strategic sourcing through our Eastern European arm, ensures a wide range of ancilary components can be offered as well as kits and assemblies. Nicholsons is the global sealing specialist in the provision of metal seals and components to the aerospace sector.

• Rotary & Fixed Wing Platforms
• Civil & Military Programs
• Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul
• Oil, Fuel & Air Systems
• Static and Semi-Dynamic Sealing Applications

   Professional Services Provided
• Design Engineering
• Production Engineering