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Nicholsons Sectors

We are the global specialists in the design and manufacture of high temperature metal seals, gaskets and ancillary components for the aerospace, automotive, turbocharger, oil and gas, power generation, and process industry sectors. With over 80 years experience of product and process engineering design and production allied to leading-edge technology and a highly skilled workforce, Nicholsons provides quality components and professional services to our customers on land, sea and air.

Aerospace - Platforms

• Rotary & Fixed Wing Platforms
• Oil, Fuel & Air Systems
Aerospace - Systems

• Weapons System Seals
• Environmental Control System Seals

• Inlet Systems Seals
• Exhaust System Seals

• Inlet & Exhaust System Seals
• Combustion Chamber Seals
Oil and Gas

• SubSea & Surface Applications
• Valve Seals
• Control Instrumentation Seals
Power Generation
• Gas & Steam Turbine Seals
• Oil, Fuel & Air Systems
• Nuclear Core Brush Seals
• Nuclear Core Fuel Rod Seals
Process Industry

• Valve Seals
• Control Instrumentation Seals

• Retaining Rings, Spring Seals
• Noise Baffles & Heat Shields
• Exhaust & Inlet Seal
Other Sectors

• Cryogenic Seals for CT Scanners
• Medical Product Process Seals
• Machined Components for
CNC Machine Tool Industry
• Particle Accelerator Seals & Components