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Special Products

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Nicholsons is continually developing it's design, production engineering, tool making, and manufacturing capabilities. The range of parts we can supply is far wider than the portfolio of seals and gaskets demonstrated on this website. Pipe End Seals (multi-component assembly with high performance wear-resistant coating), Brush Seals (assembled under clean conditions for safety critical nuclear applications) and a wide range of CNC Milled and Turned Products complement our specialism in the design and development of metal seals.

Wide Range of CNC Milled and Turned Products

The Nicholsons team is eager to continue to develop our agile response to customers requiring Nicholsons designed Special Products, support for their product development or a Make to Print service. Please contact Nick Green (Nicholsons UK Managing Director), or Liz Green (Nicholsons Business Development Director) with your proposals & requests.