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Sigma Seal

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The Sigma Seal is one of the most popular designs of resilient metal seals produced by Nicholsons. It is a low load flexible metal seal for use at high temperatures and pressures. Single Bellow or Multiple Bellows can be incorporated in its design, making it suitable for sealing the most demanding of applications where large thermal movement or tolerance stack-ups need to be accommodated. Specialised Sections are also manufactured.

Typical applications include sealing in gas turbines, turbochargers and gate valves.

Range of Sigma Seals
   Sigma seals and other types of rolled Resilient Metal Seals can be designed and manufactured to suit a wide range of Customer application geometries and operating environments. Large scale vibration and cavity thermal growth can be accommodated by using a multiple bellow configuration. The sealing load generated upon the cavity and the structural abilities of the seal to meet required cyclic operating conditions and fatigue life can be optimised using advanced Finite Element Analysis techniques.