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Traditionally, metal gaskets have relied upon an embossed sealing form being crushed between flange faces to work. Nicholsons' Reflexseal gasket provides additional benefits of 'live' flexible sealing by introducing a sealing device which incorporates established resilient metal sealing technology into multi layer gasket manufacture.

With a sealing device similar to the Corruplus resilient metal seal, the Reflexseal gasket is ideal for those demanding applications involving high temperatures and pressures where the 'crush' type gaskets have now reached their limits. There are two designs available: the Double Ply construction and the Triple Ply construction. Reflexseals are typically made from Stainless Steel.

Reflexseal and Corruseal Gaskets
   Corruseal gaskets and Reflexseal gaskets can be designed and manufactured to suit a wide range of Customer application geometries and operating environments. Very tight tolerances and complex sealing arrangements can be solved with gaskets, and the Reflexseal pushes those limits further in it's abilities to accommodate vibration and cavity thermal growth.