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E-Seal and High Temperature Duct Seal

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E-Seals suit standard aerospace flange and ducting systems. All the E-Seals shown are manufactured from Inconel 718. However, we manufacture E-Seals in a wide range of materials for specific applications, such as Waspaloy and X750 and other variants of super alloys.

'Non-Round' Resilient Metal Seal

Nicholsons also designs and manufactures Resilient Metal Seals with gap management. Swaged, shiplap joints allowing difficult access installation and part movement due to thermal distortions are a frequently used design solution for arduous applications.
   Our standard rolled Resilient Metal Seals are continuous, symmetrical rings. However, we design and manufacture the same seals in a series of 'non-round' configurations for specialist applications. This is a complex procedure requiring great care if the structural properties and integrity of the part are not to be detrimentally effected.

Our manufacturing process is highly developed in order that we can create a part with a consistently maintained cross-section, even if the seal has a very complex form.