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The Corruseal gasket is a highly sophisticated crush type gasket which utilises a triangular sealing corrugation form to concentrate the load available to those specific areas that require sealing. It is most versatile and can be made in
Single Ply, Double Ply or Triple Ply designs. There are various materials, thicknesses and sealing corrugation designs available.

Advantages of Corruseal
 Asbestos free - environmentally friendly
 Good resistance to gasket relaxation
 Does not stick to mating faces - easy to remove and fit
 Good structural strength - will not blow out
 Doesn't need machined grooves - avoids costly machining
 Has a well proven track record in a wide range of applications

Reflexseal and Corruseal Gaskets
   Corruseal gaskets and Reflexseal gaskets can be designed and manufactured to suit a wide range of Customer application geometries and operating environments. Very tight tolerances and complex sealing arrangements can be solved with gaskets, and the Reflexseal pushes those limits further in it's abilities to accommodate vibration and cavity thermal growth.