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Corruplus seals for sealing round holes (air, oil, fuel systems etc.) have been developed for use where high integrity sealing is required. This is particularly true for high temperature applications where flange separation caused by, for example, inefficient or incomplete tightening, insert pulling, bolt failure or thermal movement, would be a problem with conventional gasketry due to their basic lack of elasticity.

Advantages of Corruplus
 Low clamp load
 Elasticity/Resilience after long exposure to high temperatures
 Fire proof operation

Small Diameter Corruplus Seals
   ‘Corruplus’ Seals or ‘Gaskets’ are a patented, SBAC (Society of British Aerospace Companies) controlled aerospace Metallic Seal.

Nicholsons are the original designers of this acclaimed aerospace resilient metal seal. Originally designed for Concorde, they are in use in civil and miltary applications around the world.

Every ‘Corruplus’ seal is tested on our approved SBAC test-rigs as per the TS104 Production Acceptance Test.