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Tool Room Function

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Nicholsons designs and manufacturers complex Press Tools as part of the 'turn key' delivery of pressed gaskets and associated formed componentry. Press tools can be simpler single-stage blank, pierce and corrugate dies, or more complex progression tools with multiple stations creating a final complete part in a single operation.

Piercing and forming process design Resultant 3 stage progression tool

The Nicholsons' Tool Room function takes either (a) 'make to print' drawings from the Customer or (b) new gasket designs from the Nicholsons' Product and Design Engineers.

The tool is designed using a combination of long experience, 3D modelling and sample manufacture. The latest software and hardware tools are used to turn a design into a set of CNC programs.

Press tool components are created using Vertical Milling or EDM techniques, the tools assembled, and then tested in the Nicholsons Press facility. This Design to Manufacture process is exceptionally rapid, and because the Design Engineer is involved closely throughout the process, ensures that the tool is fit and capable of creating the product designed to meet the Customer's requirements.

We are always looking to develop our Tool Room capabilities, products and services. Please contact Nick Green (Nicholsons UK Managing Director), or Steve Taylor (Nicholsons UK Production Engineering Manager) with your 'make to print', precision pressing and tool making problems.