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Project Management

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Project/Programme Management provides the means by which the company focuses on objectives and employs resources effectively to satisfy our customers. Project Management makes Nicholsons a strong link in the supply chain.

Key Responsibilities
 To manage the project in line with customer expectations and Nicholsons
 Ensure that customer requirements are effectively planned and communicated
   within Nicholsons, with potential areas of conflict identified and corrective action
   implemented in order to maintain a valid order book status.
 Develop customer accounts into long term strategic partnerships.
 Prepare and present regular project reviews.
 Review customer orders and ensure costs and delivery requirements are
   in line with quotations and that customer requirements can be achieved.
 Hold internal and external review meetings.
 Review order status and advise the customer of any potential problems
   and proposed corrective action.
 Amend project or delivery dates in agreement with the customer.