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Production Engineering

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Nicholsons' Production Engineering function has three key roles:
• Work with our Key Customers to successfully take on and develop
  'make to print' work.
• 'Productionise' manufacturing processes to ensure parts are made
  in the most controlled and cost-effective manner.
• Develop the precision forming and rolling processes at the core of
  Nicholsons' business.

'Make to Print': Design, Develop, Manufacture
Nicholsons specialise in the controlled and cost-effective manufacture of precision rolled, formed, pressed and machined components. With simple 'make to print' work, we will take a Supplier Controlled Drawing, provide a quotation based on volume parts, and take over the supply of those parts. If the parts require components, then Nicholsons will carry out Supply Chain Management activities, working with the component Suppliers to ensure that a seamless delivery of the assembled, certified, parts reaches the Customer.

'Productionise' Manufacturing Processes
Often however, there is an opportunity to produce the parts by more efficient methods. Nicholsons production is designed to cater for the full range of works order quantities - from very large runs of parts to small batches and 'one-offs'. Production Engineers identify the best method of manufacture at different volume levels.

Multi Station Progression Tool for Automotive Application
Integrated (Part Design + Tool Design + Lean Manufacture) = Rapid Development & Delivery.

New tooling or processes may be required, but that is achievable as Nicholsons provide a full range of Design and Make capabilities, from Product Design and Modelling , to Tool and Workcentre manufacture. We will often even evaluate, develop and deliver modifications to a Customer's own part design to improve it's performance in their application!

Developing Nicholsons Precision Forming and Rolling
Nicholsons Production Engineering function acts as a productionisation centre of excellence for the group as a whole. The businesses' ongoing drive to improve part performance and cost-effective manufacturing methods requires Production Engineering to continually focus and improve precision forming and rolling methods.
Design and Analysis of Rolling Processes leads to better Tools and Parts

Lean and six sigma tools and techniques are used to identify areas of improvement in the manufacture of parts and the tooling used to make them. Once proved out, the developed tools and processes are released and embedded in our lean manufacturing facilities worldwide.

We are always looking to develop our Production Engineering capabilities and product range. Please contact Nick Green (Nicholsons UK Managing Director), or Steve Taylor (Nicholsons UK Production Engineering Manager) with your 'make to print', precision rolling and forming problems.