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Procurement & Supply Chain Integration

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Nicholsons strategic sourcing policy is dependent upon market sector. For the aerospace industry where a high degree of quality and trust is needed, the policy of "approved" sourcing of raw materials and services required by aerospace companies is the chosen method. This policy has resulted in strong and time-tested relationships being formed with Nicholsons' suppliers allowing improved quality, reduced lead times and cost benefits to be passed on to our customers. "Approved" suppliers are capable of supporting the current material requirement for future growth and Nicholsons raise order cover and agree buffer stocks of material to ensure that the supply schedule is maintained so securing customer shipments.

For the automotive industry and other markets, there is a greater flexibility when choosing suppliers and this has resulted in benefits through implementation of procurement measures and processes.

Nicholsons Global can offers partners a low cost economy sourcing platform. There are large opportunities to be realised in progressing down this route. Nicholsons have the experience and the presence, so can help you reduce Purchasing costs quickly and effectively whilst managing the risks.
Key suppliers are controlled and monitored using the following measures:
• 100% On Time Delivery
• Quality Adherence/Non 
• Variance to Estimate/Cost

Supply Chain Management
is an integral part of our
Kitting & Assembly services.

Nicholsons firmly believe that the building of close relationships with our key suppliers is an essential factor in guaranteeing stability to Nicholsons and to all our customers.

We are always looking to develop our Procurement & Supply Chain capabilities and Suppliers. Please contact Hilary Green (Nicholsons UK Purchasing Director) with your Sourcing problems.