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Welding plays an important part in the manufacture of many of the product ranges. Micro-plasma welding is used, utilising programmable machines capable of welding materials down to a thickness of 0.1mm.

Micro-Plasma Welding

Heat Treatment
A vacuum furnace, a circulatory furnace and an oven are in use. These enable high temperature heat treatments of stainless steel and nickel alloys. Low temperature heat treatments and adhesion testing of platings and coatings are carried out.


Fully equipped electro-plating facilities, fully approved by Rolls-Royce and major customers, as well as being Nadcap accredited. Located adjacent to the main production facility.  With capacity to meet silver and nickel plating requirements for all in-house made products and for subcontract work.

Plating Facilities

A purpose built factory houses production facilities and Nicholsons is committed to increasing capital investment in buildings and equipment, ensuring that the whole business is fit for the future.

Presswork Facilities

Presswork, cutting, forming, welding, rolling, CNC turning and milling, heat treatment, inspection and other production operations are carried out in an environment conducive to the production of high quality components.

We are always looking to develop our Manufacturing capabilities and the Subcon/ Outwork Services that we provide. Please contact Liz Green (Nicholsons UK Commercial) with your proposals & requests.