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Lean & 6 Sigma

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With the use of both Lean & 6 Sigma methods being built into our business strategy, Nicholsons have been able to drive business improvements rapidly. This lean/sigma approach allows us to use the speed & impact of Lean with the quality & variation control of 6 Sigma.

Business Wide Lean & 6 Sigma Tools Training
Arming our employees with the knowledge of Lean & 6 Sigma allows us to work together and attack real-life problems across the whole value stream. Using the applicable tools to help them determine root cause and an understanding of the effect of variation on the process and product quality.

Performance Improvement through Lean & 6 Sigma
Performance improvement activities are delivered through cross-functional teams, which enable the sustainable improvement to be really owned by the user. Combining these proven improvement techniques with activities designed to embed the change creates the right environment for success, hence we are able to deliver significant improvements that stick.

DMAIC Process
Continuous Improvement Cycle
Business Improvement

We are always looking to develop our Lean & 6 Sigma thinking and spread these techniques to others. Please contact Nick Green (Nicholsons UK Managing Director) if you would like to discuss these techniques.