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Capital Investment:
Toolroom Vertical Milling Centre

Nicholsons create specialist precison press tools for the manufacture of Automotive and Aerospace gaskets and componentry. To increase tool room manufacturing capacity and reduce cycle time for production of these complex, precision tools, a 1000mm bed Hardinge Bridgeport 1000 P3 Vertical Milling Centre was identified as most appropriate for this Jobbing role. The large bed size and robust construction makes it ideal for tool making.

Toolroom 1000 P3 VMC

Progression Press Tool

Designing the tools using 3D software (AutoCAD and SolidWorks) results in a very rapid and robust development process. Optimal arrangements can be achieved prior to manufacture. The tool design is communicated to the tool room electronically, where the components are produced using a mix of EDM and milling processes. The CNC program is generated off-line on modelling software and then loaded up to the VMC by DNC link, ensuring minimal workcentre downtime.

Multi Station Progression Tool for Automotive Application
Integrated (Part Design + Tool Design + Lean Manufacture) = Rapid Development & Delivery.

We offer Precision Press Tool Design & Manufacture as part of our Engineering Services. Please contact Nick Green (Nicholsons UK Managing Director) with your Press Tool enquiries.