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Nicholsons founded Corru-Seals, Inc. in 1977 as a U.S.A. base from which to market the full range of seals and gaskets in all industries where Nicholsons had already achieved success in other parts of the world. Corru-Seals, Inc.'s early success soon made it essential that its service to customers be extended from technical sales support to manufacturing of the Nicholsons products. In 1979, therefore, the first Corru-Seals, Inc. manufacturing facility was established and has twice been expanded to meet demand.

Corru-Seals, Inc.'s manufacturing capability and capacity have been steadily extended. Continuous sharing of knowledge throughout the group, as products and processes have been developed, linked with group-wide capital investment, means that Corru-Seals, Inc. mirrors Nicholsons U.K. manufacturing capability, but on a smaller scale. This enables Corru-Seals, Inc. to participate fully within the group to meet customers’ quality, cost and delivery requirements most effectively.

As an approved supplier, Corru-Seals, Inc. currently supplies seals and gaskets to U.S. aerospace industry customers such as General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell and Rolls-Royce Indianapolis.


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